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Have you ever wished for something special?
...'I wish I could meet my soul mate'..
...'I wish I had financial security'..
...'I wish I was doing something that I really loved'..

For many of us we have forgotten  how to wish, how to daydream, how to use our imagination for creating more fun, happiness and a life we love more and more!

I am now one of an elite group in the world to be  a  facilitator of The Wish® learning with the creator directly, it is a transformational 'energy' game helping to manifest wishes for true love, financial freedom, health and well being, life purpose and peace!     

What is 'The Wish®'

The Wish® is the transformational 'energy’ game created by Louise Laffey.  It's helping thousands of people around the world to manifest their greatest wishes for financial freedom, true love, their dream job, life purpose, health and wellbeing, peace and happiness.

The secret to The Wish’s success is the game’s unique ability to help you identify and clear the blocks standing in the way of your wishes and to shift you into the positive energy flow of thoughts and feelings aligned with your wish coming true. In essence, players learn how to turn their wish 'ideas' into real life experiences. 

Habitual patterns of behaviour and thinking can act to limit a person’s perception of their reality. The game works to ‘break’ the nexus between a person’s default brain patterning response and their emotional memory so they can quickly and easily develop new neural pathways.  
By 'turning on' new parts of the brain that can access greater innovative thinking, players learn to develop more positive emotional responses to situations and find creative solutions to their perceived limitations. In effect, players become more 'consciously aware' of 
themselves and their personal power. 

Players will experience physical sensations of energy ‘shifting’ or ‘letting go’ within the body as they become more aware of their 'blockages' and ‘decide’ to release the old energy. These emotional feelings last for only a few seconds as they are released from the cellular memory. Players will commonly experience feeling ‘lighter and freer’ and more confident and focused. 

I would love to have you play in the energy of our Online Wish Game each month!

What happens?
  • You join us in our 'WISH CLUB with Sharyn Swan'' Facebook Group
  • We will post  when the Wish Game will be played that month, and you will be invited to the Event
  • You will follow the 8 steps of the group game,  playing the actions on your end wherever you are in the world
  • The 8 Steps include, connecting with the Wish, following the Pearls of Wisdom cards, Receiving direction to collect from the 'Abundance' 'Intention' 'Universal Truth' 'Forgiveness & Release' 'Creativity & Freedom' 'Block' and receiving the clues these nudge us with.
  • We use a gorgeous blue silk and play in the 8 shape of the infinity symbol 
  • We play with the energy of crystals to elevate our vibration in bringing our wish closer
  • Its amazing what comes for the Wish Club Group collectively, very powerfully gathering the vibration for all to be influenced higher!
  • You can post progress of your Wish for the month and share wins!

 ' Wish Club with Sharyn Swan' Facebook Group, please 'Request to Join' 

I am excited that you are choosing to be in this space with us, and I know it will help to unlock your imagination, and allow more money to flow into your life

I can also facilitate Wish Games for boutique events! Its fabulous as a Transformational Activity for your Leadership Teams 

Be Blessed, Sharyn :)

Testimonials about Live Your Wish Club...

"Wow! I just completed my first Wish Game. What a powerful exercise!

To be honest I hadn't taken the time to understand what it was all about and thankfully I listened to my inner prompting to play along today even though I jumped on board 30mins late.

I feel lighter and can feel some big shifts have taken place around self doubt and limiting beliefs. I love all the messages that unfolded today and I have gratefully received them all with an open heart!

I highly recommend you giving it a go". - Sarah T

"I don't even know how it happens, but playing in Sharyn's 'Wish Club' has created such freedom for me personally!

 Its like there just wasn't this limitation like there was before. I have only played two rounds and thats how quick it worked for me. 

I am also doing a Sacred Money Archetypes® Discovery Session to get those tools onboard . People working in sales, or life really all need to be part of this!" 

- Participant 


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