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Life is a collection of moments, we have the choice in choosing the way which we would like to enjoy this wholelife experience.

I have spent days and years chasing the next thing, wedding plans, getting into our first home, building my skills in my career, how to do life as a Mum, parenting in and around all the other big rocks in your life. Our influences in the world have been focused on ticking off to-do lists, running in the 'busy' race and following the patterns we have seen others create. 

As I began mentoring women I became aware in my own life, where I was somewhat less mindful of the moments. That the anticipated diary events was 'life' and rather the things that happened in between weren't as important. WOW!

In that space I started to look around, and say so what if I wasn't so 'busy', what if I was more selective in what I said YES to and what I said No to? What if I rested, what if I took hours to read a book, or listen to a programme, or sat on a sand dune watching the water.

It was more difficult than I thought to rest the mind from the 'okay done, now must go and'... can you relate?

The 'must go and' responses often were attached to commitment, to other people, to earning my way, to having to, all centred around  going forward with the wave of the pattern.

I've been embraced savouring the tastes of my life more and more and have found it about allowance, and permission. Leaning into yourself and finding where it is your spirit loves to hang out the most is a wonderful journey. You may love to jot notes on your day, take a photo each day, have a special cup of tea each day, hide yourself away in a hammock under the stars, its about #makingmoments and my friend, as you choose to incorporate these more mindfully into your day, each week you will see more ease, joy, laughter, love and that brings more opportunities. 

My direction with this is to open up thinking and release old patterns for women and money. I believe that our pain with money limits our peace with life. It's not about 'making money' it's where we are stuck in receiving money and then sharing it on.

Many of us have grown up with limited and strained financial stories, 'Rob Peter to pay Paul', 'Money doesn't grow on trees', 'I cant afford that' etc etc - what are your own tribal messages around this?

The way we feel about things reflects the actions we take. Money is linked to how we feel about ourselves and the value we bring to situations. Our self worth can be elevated on how we behave daily, the people we are influenced by, the slog we choose, saying YES to things we have no interest in, and neglecting our own dreams. 

I have observed that volumes of women have surrendered their imagination, and no longer daydream and simply 'wish'

So I have been completing research and undertaken training to be able to bring to you two amazing tools..The Wish® and Sacred Money Archetypes Coaching®

Delighted to announce, I am now one of an elite group in the world to be both a  facilitator of The Wish® learning with the creator directly, it is a transformational 'energy' game helping to manifest wishes for true love, financial freedom, health and well being, life purpose and peace!     

And to be a Certified 'Sacred Money Archetypes Coach, and that means I can take willing women who have had enough of the chase, through the wonderful 'Prosper Programme' that will help  'Crack your Money Code' and write yourself a new Money Story that brings you to 'Love your Lifestyle' in just the version you wish!

These tools can be used on their own, or together and I share options of how you can enjoy creating your life by inviting the fresh energy of these resources in.

Come play, laugh and explore ....


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