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1. Join in being a Change Maker
If you're not already a member, then take a squizz at our Become a Member Page, and see the amazing range of advantages that we offer to keep you encouraged and part of the team. There are Member only forums, portal access for special education and tips, opportunities for PR and engagement into your community. Plus our members love to #flipspend with fellow members, they enjoy meeting new consultants and looking in their local area

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Like us and share our posts on Facebook, Tweet with us @SavvyCircNetwork, Come see us at #instagram @savvycirclesnetwork and our sister @savvylivingsolutions, check out the pics of our Connect Circle events over at Pinterest, and catch the clips and subscribe at our You Tube Channel
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We love to hear your success, cheer you on a goal, and send you some Kappow! inspiration and biz tips - Comment, Or ask us on our Social Media spaces

4. Promote you, Promote your Member Community
Share your Member Profile, from our Find-A-Consultant Locator, promote other members that you have dealt with. There are cool Social Media share buttons, and you can copy and paste the URL at the top of each profile

5. Give a Guest Pass
Invite a friend to come along with you to a Connect Circle, or send a few to friends who live interstate. They can visit their nearest event, or jump onto our Connect Circle Virtual! We will reward you as you fill your Guest Pass Loyalty Pass up!
Get some Guest Passes from your Local Area Host, or Order a pack of 20 on the form below

* Hand them out at your Unit events
* Pop them in a cafe, gym, hairdresser, kids centres in your local area
* Hang on a Noticeboard
* Place them in showbags at events
* Share them out at networking events, expos, fairs, fetes

We have a fabulous Refer-A-Friend Recognition and Rewards, more details in the Members Exclusive Portal

We are excited to see the amazing friendships, inspiration, self-confidence, business results happening for our Network Members
It's because each of them took a shot to jump on board, became engaged with others and share their passion for our Profession

ThankYOU for helping us to reach more and more people and encourage their success

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