• Savvy Specials Promotion


We  feature a Gallery of  offers from current Savvy Circles Network members who wish to take up the opportunity for promotion!



  • Individual advertisement on our Savvy Specials Gallery as supplied by your content
  • The Savvy Specials Gallery will be created and managed by Savvy HQ team 
  • Hosted on our Savvy Circles Network Facebook page, showcased to a fanbase of nearly 5000 
  • The Gallery will be promoted to our database via email
  • Facebook ad campaign with boosted posts to the gallery
  • Each offer will have an individual feature in our rotation of  'Deal of the Day' post on our Savvy Circles Network Facebook Page
  • The call to action will be to click on your Savvy Member Advertorial link in the post (you need to supply the link)
  • Your Advertisement will be placed on our Savvy App Offers Gallery also!

(Please note the additional rules that apply if you are purchasing additional spots)
1.  To participate you need to FULLY complete the submission form below including uploading of the image
2.  We will allocate spots 1-30/31 based on the order successfully submitted applications are received to Savvy HQ
3.  Be careful, If your submission is missing a clear correct image/s or information - we will cancel your submission and refund your payment 

4.  We make no guarantees on the impact this Promotion may add to your business, it is an opportunity for you to be seen, and extend your reach and expand your profile.
5.  Full payment must be paid on submission
6.  Once paid is non-refundable
7.  No changes or substitutions are permitted
8.  You can only submit ONE offer per category of: Shopping Offers, Hostess Rewards, Events, Tips/Recipes, Samplers, Brand Snap (no sales reference) and Business Opportunity
9. Maximum of 3 advertisements per calendar month (if we have any available spots we will re-offer to members)
10. You cant select Business Opportunity ONLY, it must be paired with another category
11..  You take responsibility to supply an image that is permitted for advertising from your company
12.  If we have reached the quota of successful submissions - you will be refunded your payment
13.  We will delete any participant this is not acting within the spirit of this collaborative campaign
14. You must have a current paid Membership with Savvy Circles Network┬« at the time of submission and during the month of the promotion. 

Categories are:
  • Shopping Offers - Buying deal, saving or limited edition
  • Hostess Rewards - Exclusive extras as a result holding a booking
  • Events - Your Product launches, special events, community/charity connection
  • Tips/Recipes - great way to give value to the audience to become interested in your brand
  • Sample Giveaway - Have a sampler you are willing to post out, include the max i.e. 'First 5 to PM me'
  • Brand Snap - a product/logo/ image  - showing in use, or featured but no price or reference to purchase. These are valuable to showcase interest into you - not a sales message. i.e. You on the beach with a Logo Water bottle...
  • Business Opportunity - kit image, joining offer deal


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