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Terms and Conditions of participation on the Savvy Circles Network® Preferred Partners Programme 

 By applying you consent fully to the following guidelines

Includes creating a Professional Profile that will be used to promote you, your service and the organization you represent on our website, in our publications and our social media forums.

The Savvy Circles Network® exists to facilitate connection of direct selling professionals. We operate and determine our business direction under the values of Connection, Conversation, Collaboration and Community. We operate from a head office in Newcastle New South Wales Australia and offer our membership products and services to a global market place.

At this point of time, Preferred Partners in the categories of, business mentoring, coaching are currently closed as we see this to be in conflict, as we offer education on this sort to our members and subscribers, and we wish to be transparent in our position and not mislead to take on members in this field.

We also will not approve applications where there is already a keen representation of the product or service within the Direct Sales Profession.

We are governed by the laws and fair trading practices of New South Wales, Australia where our head office is located. We own IP and Copyright over our published information and the Savvy Circles Network, and its products and concept are protected under Registered Trademark. To such we state the following as terms of use for our membership resources, information, facilities, social media forums, publications and websites.

Preferred Partner Programme Fees

These are the launch season rates, as at April 2016, for one calendar year from application. Participation fees are non-refundable. Prices include gst. 

  • Single Office/Location $1300AUD
  • Multi Office/Location  $2700AUD
  • Premium Member with Category Exclusive option - Single or Multi $3500AUD

Application Process
You can review the Programme options, then click 'Apply Now'. 
Once we have received your application, we will reply to your personally within 5 working days as to the success of your submission.
From here, we will arrange the creation of your Profile onto our Preferred Partners Directory and your unique webpage.
You will be provided access to the Preferred Partners Portal where you can submit articles, and offers/specials for our Members Rewards Page.

Representative's Conduct

We have an expectation that our Preferred Partners will represent themselves and the organisation for which they are a representative of to conduct themselves in a professional business manner at all times. This includes and is not limited to.

Respect and honour the fact that the our membership base is comprised of many different organisations being represented and will not defame, gossip or promote that one organisation or individual is ‘better than’ another.

Our members are consultants and leaders of Direct Sales Profession. That is their career. No poaching or intentive recruiting messages.

Do not solicit connection, business by spamming others. No illegal adding to email lists, invitations to groups, forums, meetings, etc must be mutually consented.

We encourage relationship building. 'Know Like Trust' and support of our 4 C's 'Connection, Conversation, Collaboration, Community.

Our members do not use profanities in at our meetings, events and in any of our social media forums. 

That you will supply quality content via articles, special offers, blog, video. It will be distributed at the discretion and timetable of Savvy Circles Network®

That you will uphold the integrity, character of Savvy Circles Network® in all your dealings and honour the participation agreement in good faith, honesty and be of high ethic standard.

You will act timely with our members, and our Savvy HQ Team responding promptly to enquires and requests.

Appropriate dress

We adopt a smart casual/business attire dress code – no thongs, no tracksuits, no beach & exercise wear is accepted at any of our events and meetings.

Children at meetings

We do not allow children at our Connect Circle meetings, we are a business organisation and our members pay membership fees in exchange for what our business meetings can offer.  Respectfully, having children present is a distraction to both the mother/father and the others in the group.

Appropriate Use of business logos, imagery and information

It is your responsibility to ensure you are within your authorisation to create your Profile,  use of 
logos, imagery, trademarks, offering the special members reward deals, content, article submission and information for the company in which you represent.

The Savvy Circles Network® imagery is not for use other than by our organization. Any information published on this site from our organization on education, concepts, for members cannot be reproduced or shared as part of your agreement.


Choosing to become a Preferred Partner with us,  may generate interest from both customers in your local area and nationally. We do not guarantee or offer representation of any sales, quotes, referrals, as a result of joining as a member, the decision to join as a member is your own to make as a marketing and networking opportunity.


 Any breech of these terms and conditions will not be tolerated by Savvy Circles Network® head office and your membership may be terminated without notice.

- END- 

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