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My direction with this is to open up thinking and release old patterns for women and money. I believe that our pain with money limits our peace with life. It's not about 'making money' it's where we are stuck in receiving money and then sharing it on.

Many of us have grown up with limited and strained financial stories, 'Rob Peter to pay Paul', 'Money doesn't grow on trees', 'I cant afford that' etc etc - what are your own tribal messages around this?

The way we feel about things reflects the actions we take. Money is linked to how we feel about ourselves and the value we bring to situations. Our self worth can be elevated on how we behave daily, the people we are influenced by, the slog we choose, saying YES to things we have no interest in, and neglecting our own dreams. 

Sacred Money Archetypes® Coaching is for you if you’re ready to get rid of unconscious money blocks and press reset on a fresh money story...one that helps you finally feel that you are whole, aligned and on purpose with money.

First you’ll discover YOUR Sacred Money Archetypes® in a 1-on-1 session where I connect you to your unique strengths and challenges with money, and discover a way with ease to get started creating a fresh money story, on the spot. 

Just scroll down and CLICK 'Reserve Now'   to learn a align with your inner money loving you. 

You get incredibly inspiring and highly personal coaching sessiosn] with me on how to use the power of your Sacred Money Archetypes® to get rid of unconscious money blocks, and create a new approach to money in your life and business or career.

I'll personally coach you through exciting, step by step exercises that dive deep and reveal exactly how to get rid of unconscious money blocks and create new, empowered money actions in your business or career, life and even in your relationships.

You get personalized action steps in eachg session, designed to help you immediately apply what you are discovering so you begin right away to see real change in your day-to-day life.

Included in you session are your Top 3 Sacred Money Archetype® profiles . These gorgeous, full color cards show you in vivid detail your strengths, gifts, challenges and more...explaining what makes YOU tick when it comes to money. 

'money & me together' SESSIONS

What we've seen is 'how you do money is how you do everything', which means that beginning to learn about your Archetype is not only going to help you get rid of money blocks, it’s going to help you take control of your life, from the inside out.

For example, think of the next time you need to discuss money with a loved one...wouldn’t it feel amazing to know what to say?

And wouldn’t you love to know which exact actions will help you reach your money goals?

Isn’t it time you gave yourself permission to create amazing money boundaries that bring you harmony, relief and freedom?


  • You take the Sacred Money Archetype Assessment, we will email this to you - it takes around 8minutes
  • We will create the private 20min Connection Session appointment day/time with Sharyn Swan
  • In your personal session,  Sharyn will give you a reading about your Top Archetype and how this is showing up in your life
  • You will receive a written brief of your Top Archetype on what strengths, gifts, destiny and mindset that will astound you.
  • Sharyn will tap into your 2nd and 3rd Archetype to see how they are influencing your choices
$97 +gst  up to 20mins




In addition to the 'Money & Me Together' Connection Session you will select two areas of Business or Life where you are needing new freedoms to let go of the past and embrace your most ideal desire for that area.

We work via the Insights Breakthrough tool.

This is a powerful segment, take it on if you are ready to lower the walls and release the subconscious sabotage, yes we get into the emotion and I am here to hear and guide you in 100% support and belief in a fresh start as you walk through this.

Then we work through an SMA Module exercise that will create a shift to release on the limiting behaviour.

This will be a life changer that once this issue is raised up and released, you may never have it pain you the way it has today

The extraordinary value that will be in how you can live from here

$297 +gst  up to 60mins


Ready  to tackle another two areas of Business or  Life, then lets get cracking that money code of yours

And we will complete a Sacred Money Archetype Module exercise that will create the next layer shift!

$198 +gst  up to 40mins

Once we have received your Paypal payment notice, you will be directed to a special area where you can instantly download the Sacred Money Archetype Assessment Form!

Your next steps, and tips on completing the assessment await there for you. 

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