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Are you without an active Upline?
Are you heading into a qualification?
Are you looking to brand your message?
Are you taking on a bigger team?
Are you wanting to be more significant in what you contribute?

Are you Elle the Entrepreneur?

As a ‘Elle the Entrepreneur’, you are a professional woman who has been building her direct sales business for the last 2 years or more. You are passionate, smart and a ‘give it a go’ thinker and action taker. 

You believe in your vision and have a quality message, product, and service to deliver. You are respected, honest, and value integrity and credibility. You are keen, pro-active and ready to grow your brand and your reach.  

 You are establishing a success platform to be educated, inspired, and financially rewarded from your opportunity. You are hungry to double, triple your customer base or/representative count. 

You just love it all, soak up every opportunity to be talking about your brand, share events and time with your clients or team as you cheer them on, You have a huge sense of fulfillment about living this life. 

 You operate on delivering excellence in all that you and your organization do along with authentic communication and service. You have a community giving spirit and by growing more success means that you can make more difference to others.

What you’re issues tend to be

You have a fire burning inside, you just ‘know this is what you are called to do’, you love the product you offer and the style of service, but there are frustrations on how to bring a strategy, key resources, how to choose from ‘all’ the pieces of the puzzle that you are overwhelmed, maybe frustrated or just excitedly confused, on how to get to the next level.

You have support from your family, but they may not get it, and they don’t want to constantly hear about your ideas or answer your questions all the time, you feel you are on your own with every decision. You are working long hours, juggling the many hats you wear and will often feel mentally and physically exhausted. 

 You have the understanding that substantial investment into business is essential. You have to keep developing relationships and establishing a larger profile within the connections and the community. 

You know its time to move from doing it all, to becoming a strong leader to run a larger organisation that is blossoming its consultant base interstate, nationally and potentially international. You want to build more credibility, stability and faith from your total team/salesforce and their potential new consultants and customers. 

 You are eager to see you and your consultant teams becoming more empowered and motivated. 

 You need someone who has current experience in marketing a self employment service based business of you and or a salesforce that gets the story of you and your company.

What you need most right now

Your very first step is to identify the key areas that need to be considered as part of a total strategy. What does the business need to look like from your perspective, that of the consultant, and of the customer?  Who are your most ideal customer & Consultant, where ‘she/he’ is already hanging out. 

What profile does your brand have?  What steps are in place for a consultant to thrive?  What’s in it for them?  What support do they need?  What fun do you offer?  

You and your key salesforce team need mentoring and educating on how to use current marketing trends to create a strong and successful business.

If you identify with Elle, I will help your find all these ‘dots’, develop a 12 month action plan, be your ideas & inspiration strategist, independent accountability ‘buddy’ and mentor, laughter injector, along the way, with my many years of business development, leadership and self employment, starting from zip, biz expertise to assist educating and empowering you and your salesforce as a total winning team!

I love being called into team up with Entrepreneurs in the Direct Sales Profession...

Mentoring Programme Includes:

  • Discovery Worksheet for you to identify the position you are in at this point, and your deeper ideals (this step alone will be great tool for you!)
  • Preparation from Sharyn, for this information as sketched ideas ready for our next step
  • Sessions - around 90mins, usually once a month - in person on local area or via Zoom
  • Action plan set around the focus area for that following month
  • Accountability Log - with Weekly Review
  • You secure session dates with me for your entire year programme* 

Ready to choose this? Then tell me why by completing the Application Form.

Once your form arrives, I will be in touch to discuss where I see I can create the outcomes you desire, or say I don't think I am a match for you.

I have limited places available each year, and want to work with  ONLY those who are willing and ready now.


"I recently took a great leap towards goals I have been struggling to obtain. It is often easier to misdirect time, effort, thought and movement to achieve a dream when continual self-dought and lack of confidence coupled with a wall of procrastination has been built in our own minds.

My wall stands no longer!
I chose taking first the Sacred Money Archetypes Discovery Session to get to the me truly inside, then an 'Ideas and Inspiration' Package to frame a one-page action plan on my Sales and Marketing Strategy for my business. I am more than happy to recommend and programme, workshop that Sharyn Swan has to offer." -
Vicky-Jane S

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