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Together we will create a One Page Strategy Plan 

This is the perfect starting place if you are just over the confusion and you know that it is heavy going until you can get a plan and know which direction to turn at this roundabout in your business and no doubt your life. 

 You are going to be ready to choose this package, if your usual sources i.e. partner, family, friends are no longer available to listen to you, because they have for too long, or they have no experience to offer you to truly provide any expertise in their suggestions. 

 They want to be off the hook as well.

Clients come to me at this point from either one of two places, ‘It’s all doing their head in’ and they could easily shut up shop, or they are so pumped ready to go – but they don’t know what to do next! Perfect! 

I love hearing behind the scenes of you and your business and seeing what you long forgot was exciting or can only see what you think you are not, rather than what real possibilities are laying in wait for  you to find them. 

I will help you 'Find Your Voice'.

Every client I have worked with has seen enormous value quite overwhelming to them that they have instant cure to their business!      I have generated over 200 Million in turnover for my clients in my career!

The value to you is in the thousands! Knowing what you will earn when you implement the ideas, and actions I will strategise for you. 

Not in Business?

Great, I can tailor this session as a 'Life Makeover' Strategy Session,  helping you to Connect The Dots for what you want your next story to look like!

This package is currently just $497 + gst - perhaps this might be all you need to ramp up your entire year! 

You will need to have completed a Sacred Money Archetypes Assessment & Discovery Session prior, so that you can work in your new Power that these insights provide for you.


  • Pre-Session Discovery Worksheet for you to put in place the picture as you see it (this step alone will be great tool for you!)
  • Preparation from Sharyn, for this information as sketched ideas ready for our next step
  • One to one session (90mins) finding of your dots that you didn’t event know you told me this is in person where possible or Zoom 

Your preference may be in a one or a mixture of these directions
  • Marketing, Money, Ideas to Attract and Retain your ideal audience
  • Identifying your limitations and roadblocks, creating a new life map!
  • Big picture - Leadership View, Team Building and accountability
  • Create  One page Action Plan you can get going on immediately. 
  • Pit Stop Pass up to 20mins (set for 3-4 weeks after the session) so I can check in and see what’s been implemented and make some adjustments
  • Continue DIY with the recommendations we have outlined


Ready to choose this, then click the button below to purchase your Ideas and Inspirations Package*

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Once we have received your Paypal payment notice, we will be in touch via Email, to share the next steps. Please allow to the next working day before this arrives to you.

*You will need to have completed a Sacred Money Archetypes Assessment & Discovery Session is a requirement before any other mentoring sessions for your very best outcomes!

I have limited sessions available, please capture your time and plan by booking in today to get a spot in the queue.


"I recently took a great leap towards goals I have been struggling to obtain. It is often easier to misdirect time, effort, thought and movement to achieve a dream when continual self-dought and lack of confidence coupled with a wall of procrastination has been built in our own minds.

My wall stands no longer!
I chose taking first the Sacred Money Archetypes Discovery Session to get to the me truly inside, then an 'Ideas and Inspiration' Package to frame a one-page action plan on my Sales and Marketing Strategy for my business. I am more than happy to recommend and programme, workshop that Sharyn Swan has to offer." -
Vicky-Jane S

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