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  • 04 Oct 2016 1:32 PM | Sharyn Swan (Administrator)

    I read this article 'Rebel Teens Are Killing America's clothing Giants' and thought what a great opportunity this is for our Profession!

    Here's the main issue this purchasing demographic is demanding 'To be Seen, To be Heard, making themselves feel valuable'

    No longer do they want to hide in the shadows, they want to explore their style and live life showing this to others of who they are.

    What can you learn from this multi-million dollar failure of another company?

    1. Are you listening to your clients

    2. Are you getting to know their personal preferences, tastes

    3. Do you know what their interests are, where they like to spend their time

    4. Do you know what they value?

    Are you making your communication with them based around knowing the above or are you choosing to contact them when it suits you, and when you have a need to be met?

    Are you afraid? Then realign that fear back into asking yourself 'What does my client need solved today?'

    Then get to this question 'What can I do today to delight my customer, surprise her with something that will make a difference to her'

    TO DO: Make a list of your Top clients and ask this question and jot down answers next to each clients name. If you cant write anything down then there is the  biggest clue - you have completed sale transactions rather than making relationships.

    If you think you have a lack of activity, sales on your schedule, then its time to prioritise time into caring for who you do have and building from there.


    Blessing over you all, Sharyn xx

    Sharyn Swan - Connecting the Dots for Direct Sales Women #youvegotthis

  • 15 Sep 2016 9:51 PM | Sharyn Swan (Administrator)


    Im at a time where my Bliss List needs and update. This is the reminder list of experiences I want to enjoy as Im creating my life. Some people call it a Bucket List, I prefer us to focus on daily life and making moments that build into a whole way we feel through this human being experience.

    Ive found when talking with people on this topic that two things limit our imagination. First is; Access to resources to make the experience possible - we seem to think in only what we have in terms of money or possibilities right now and quickly jump to conclusions about what is possible and what is ‘unrealistic’. Therefore we restrict our exposure to conversations that can compound and all of a sudden you are in the midst of the experience!

    Secondly is Comparison-i-tis! Yes, we have to upscale to graniose ideas in order to seem of interest or worthy enough of a ‘bucket list entry’. That is if a friend is planning to trek Kokoda, or abseil the Rockies, then you could be judging your wish to do the walking trail in your local suburb to be not significant enough - WOAH! What a crock!

    So I want to stir up your imagination, your spirit to find more fun, and cheer you on to make moments that mean something soul nourishing to you. I invite you to play along with some of the ideas I’m using .

    I have a journal type book and have a page for various headings, places to eat, things to do, experiences to try, items I wish to have, people I want to chat with - I have pages for local, national, international of these previous ideas - and as I am browsing information I jot them into the book.

    The other tool I teach people to give themselves a booster start is the ‘Wish Quadrant’, here’s how to create it

    Step 1 Rule up a Quadrant on a piece of paper in a journal or loose sheet

    Step 2 Name the quadrants: Under $100, Over $100, ‘Wouldn't it be nice if..’

    Step 3 Write at least 5 experiences you wish to have in each of these 3 boxes

    Step 4 Calculate - write out all the ways you can make those experiences happen, for example you may determine 1 more sale per week will fund 3 of the Under $100 experiences, you might start a savings plan dedicated to your ‘over $100’ experience fund!

    Step 5 Post your list - make copies and post all over your house, take a photo and post on this thread, tell people, why? You never know who can help make your dream come true!

    What if you had an experience which was to go to a ‘backstage party of a special artist’ and someone worked with a company that could arrange it!

    What if you wanted to take the kids ice-skating, and someone had a half-price coupon they weren't able to use!

    There are zillions of possibilities, our role in life is to choose our ‘wish list’ based on the unique person we each are and our tastes and interests. Then get purposeful to receive it, do what you can, be who you need to be, and allow the universe to weave its magic!

    Its is so very fun! But can only begin when you provide your shopping List. Think of it in the same way kids anticipate Christmas, and write their list to Santa! Why did we stop??!I want more of us to Write our Santas list, then make appointments to go do the fun things.

    Not everything costs money, a few of the things Ive just updated my list only require me to schedule them in as an appointment in my diary. Another reminder lesson to myself as I was do this new list, what are we making more important than the activities that our spirit is craving to enjoy....mmmm... without filling our cups we can't pour love and encouragement to others. Make the appointments friends!

    I’d love to see your lists here - take a photo and publish them on this note.

    Blessing over you all, Sharyn xx

    Sharyn Swan - Connecting the Dots for Direct Sales Women #youvegotthis

  • 15 Sep 2016 6:35 PM | Sharyn Swan (Administrator)

    Thankyou! Love checking in after a busy week and seeing the receivings in their many forms that have come to life. New conversations, welcoming new clients, messages of inspiration and encouragement, the referrals, the support of our messages! Awesome!!

    The generating of life, of brand new ideas -yes I do adore those and passing them onto clients who’s eyes lightup with glee!

    Plus, there was $150 Reward card arrived home as a thankyou, a Free Hoyts Movie ticket, a divine 3 course dinner, a letter from our bank to say they made an error in an interest calculation so they will be crediting our account with $118.10

    I now add to my daily affirmations, “I am truly grateful for all the blessings seen and unseen in my day and those that I love”

    As much in the busy-ness and noise of our life can go un-noticed and that includes things we are asking to see signs of. Its okay, start jotting down as you go through your week with the expectation of acknowledgement.

    I adore the fun that the universe says ‘Hey we can do this any which way we like, Stop doing your How thinking and limiting our fun’

    Truth, if I was asking for $100, I wouldn’t write down on my How its was going to happen, that the bank would send us a letter to say we made a mistake and here is $118.10

    I got that message from the Universe – Thanks!

    “You cannot give from an empty cupboard”

    BE Willing! Have fun – keep us posted how it works for you, Sharyn xx

    Sharyn Swan - Connecting the Dots for Direct Sales Women #youvegotthis

  • 15 Sep 2016 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    ‘I’m afraid to call my clients, they will think I’m trying to push and sell more to them. What can I do to get over that’ – Raelee

    For a start Raelee is not alone in selling this message to herself. How many times do we hear ‘I am afraid of the phone’. Well the phone is getting a raw deal, you are not afraid of the telephone, you are afraid to step up and be a consultant from being an order taker.

    When a person buys from you once, they are a customer, when they return to purchase more from you they become a client. A client means increased returns with less time, less cost of resources and ultimately increases your exposure favourably.

    You have likely heard it costs 10 times more to find a new customer than it does to keep an existing one, yet most consultants in our profession keep shouting their sales pitch, chasing, chasing at a vast space hoping in anxiety and desperation someone will hear them. Yet so many consultants are failing in relationship development to build on those initial customer interactions.

    Let me reflect. Over the last one year I have redirected much of my spend into our profession, I buy very very little now in retail or generic online and purchase from our member base as first choice. In this space I have shopped with, Younique, Fifth Avenue, Tupperware, doTERRA, Nutrimetics, Park Lane Jewellery, ENJO, Juice Plus, Flaschengeist, Intimo, ENVY, The Body Shop at Home, SendOutCards, Your Inspiration at Home, PartyLite, Chocoholics Anonymous, Mary Kay, Norwex, Lily-Anne Designs, The Chefs Toolbox, OASIS Homewares, Lorraine Lea, Scentsy, Miche Bags.

    That’s 24 companies and 30 different consultants/businesses I have supported. Here is what I observed

    • - the Number of messages I received once order placed, to let me know progress until delivery 
    • 2 – the Number of phone calls I received to check that the order arrived 
    • Number of phone calls I received  when my order arrived to see if I needed any information on how to use it, and to answer any questions on the process 
    •  – Weeks 1/2 – 3 phone calls,  
    •  -Weeks 2/4 – 1 phone call and 2 text messages
    • ZERO – Number of phone calls I have received since my initial purchase – to check my satisfaction and if I needed replenishing of the product, any other solutions to be addresses, this could be from 12months to 1 month ago 
    • 4 – the Company Customer Newsletters I am sent each month
    • - the Number of ‘thank you for your purchase’ cards in the mail I received 
    • 23 – the number of consultants who did not generate ANY means of followup on my purchase.This is outside of me mentioning to consultants when I saw them or I sent them a message to say I am enjoying their product, as they should have been first to ask.

    Take a look at your process, if you understand how disappointed your customer is going to feel from not being made to feel important to your business, that they were just a sale, then you need to reframe how you look at communicating to your clients. If you miss these steps, and the customer does like the product then they will just find the next consultant as they have a love of the company product, as you haven’t given them a reason to be loyal to you as a representative of that company, as a reflection of your lack of care to be in service to them.

    Not all of us need phone calls, and at the same time, not all of us see text messages to be enough – you have to learn about your customer if you want to turn them into long term prosperous clients. No-one likes to deal with unenthusiastic wimpy staff/people. Go take a look in a retail store on a slow day they are bored, spending time on their phone and look like a zombie. There is a great stretch of opportunity between this and forcing someone to buy from you – don’t fling yourself over to remove choice in the call that someone must book or buy, but encourage ‘conversation’ during your interaction with them.

    I recently made a $100 purchase of some fresh produce, which was delivered to my home. The following week I received a phone call to check that I was happy with the quality, to explain the one swap they needed to do, and ask how I enjoyed the service and how I came to find them and decide to shop with them. How cool! I was made to feel important.

    I purchased a new bed ensemble from a large department store in November, and you know they cost waaaaaayyyy more than $100. Still waiting to hear from that business and that local franchised own store, and that consultant who made the sale… I won’t be heading back there for my next shop.

    Step out of immaturity and into less emotion and look at the process from your customer’s point of view. What would truly make them feel like their invested money into your product was a great choice for them? Who wants to put something in the back of the cupboard and feel useless that they wasted that cash? This becomes their impression as a reflection of your company and you as your own Brand U!

    Then make it important to them, they will become your best Advocate and be your promotional department and recommend you to others. Likewise if you neglect them.

    Allocate 2 hours into your schedule to get a followup system up and running. Do the followup! Likely you don’t measure your calls and the customer service results of booking and sales to know how valuable each call is to you.

    Yes you can go back to those customers you have missed and check in for them – BE Authentic, and ask about them and how they are enjoying the product, be willing to learn how you can best be of service to them. They loved you and your product at some stage that’s why they bought in the first place, give them something to remember why to do that again.

    BE Willing! Have fun – keep us posted how it works for you, Sharyn xx

    Sharyn Swan - Connecting the Dots for Direct Sales Women #youvegotthis

  • 20 Jan 2016 2:59 PM | Sharyn Swan (Administrator)

    I was talking with a friend today who I have listened to over this last year, keep saying how she is 'looking for her purpose'.
    It seems it was frustrating her, always outside of herself.

    Is is that we see purpose to be one single usage?
    An arena where we put our energies into? 
    Is our purpose needing to be measurable?
    Does purpose equal 'meaning of life'?

    I hear people set goals around success, they claim they 'want to be successful'. What does that mean I wonder?
    So I ask, how would that look like if you evaluated yourself to 
    be successful?

    My recent thoughts around this word and this attainment we strive for, invites your mind to dive straight into comparison-itis immediately on expressing the words from ones mouth. Because inevitablly our thoughts reach out to visualise a person we know, who has what we wish to have that represents success.

    What if we traded out the word successful and its subsequent mentality that followed?
    What if we introduced < fulfilment >
    Here is a much yummier question to ask ourselves"
    {What would a fulfilling year, day, life look like to you?}

    Speaking about questions, I used to ask consultants and leaders in my business, all the time over and over,
    what is your 'Why?' 
    (eek...I cringe now feeling the low vibrational energy of that)
    I haven't used that one for a long time now as I found it was more based in untruths.
    People just told you what they thought they should, or what you
    wanted to hear.
    It is a misdirected question that triggers the thoughts of delivering outcomes in order that others they care about have something through them. 
    Or correcting self-esteem issues that have been laid as road blocks in the hands of the tribe who have told them 'you'll never amount to anything' 'you cant do that' 'you're not as good at that as your sister/brother'

    Back to the conversation with my friend, I was saying that her sense of fulfilment would be enjoyed as she acknowledged her gifts, and what she loved spending her time with and on 
    so there it became just a question of application.

    'BINGO!' That hit a chord for her, 
    She could instantly free her mind,
    It was now how she was going to apply the gift of her, her YOUnique essences and the place, spaces she loved being in the most.

    We are moving into a Purpose oriented world, it will become the new currency. Like the age of information, technology, before it, this is now coming to the front.
    More people will be choosing their sense of fulfilment, over dollars.
    It will be linked to how they will shop, work, play, increasingly in this next 5 years.

    I have often quoted to my son, you could get paid a million dollars a year to do a job, but if you were not in alignment with the product, the company ethics, values, the team, the contribution you would be making, then would it be worth exchanging your life for?

    'Yes' you might say, cool that's your call. 
    'Yes for a little while', sure that's your choice.
    'No, not at all', indeed that's your pick.

    >Love, Lift, Lead the Way! Sharyn x

    Sharyn Swan - Connecting the Dots for Direct Sales Women #youvegotthis

  • 24 Jun 2015 7:07 PM | Anonymous

    ”I feel I’m on my own in my Direct Sales business’ – A friend of mine is finding that her Upline is not being interactive with her, or providing training. Just merely left on her own. What do you suggest’ – Naomi. 

    Thanks for sharing your question, Naomi. 

    We are in business for ourself, working with the brand/products. A consultant role is to market and find an audience who wishes to be serviced by the consumables or the business opportunity. There will be training materials in the kit, there will be a community resource somewhere with their organization that will be around the business, product range information and the career path outline. Once you have your head around how the products deliver solutions to people and who the most likely people are to benefit from that, then you move onto the next step.

    He/She will need to reframe, get a plan, seek learnings from people they would trade places with in essence of success to know how to do it. This is certainly not uncommon. But not fatal in their success if they are connected to the company they have been attracted to. If they were just signing up because of the person’s excitement, who has now gone off the boil then likely they won’t continue. Invest more time and resources into learning business basics, attraction and appreciation marketing, strategy and personal branding. People say they struggle with bookings, then I say you’ve missed two steps – carving out your marketing story to your audience and cultivating relationships with customers.

    We have had QUITE a few consultants find us Savvy Circles Network – Connecting DirectSales/PartyPlan Professionals and come along to a Connect Circle to find a ‘tribe’ that speaks our industry and that has been a saving grace for them to bounce back into their business. Wish them all every dream come true Naomi. 

    We love this profession! 

    Have fun – keep us posted how it works for you, Sharyn xx

    Sharyn Swan - Connecting the Dots for Direct Sales Women #youvegotthis

  • 24 Jun 2015 7:04 PM | Anonymous

    Kellie asks, ‘How many consultants do you think there are selling the same product as you, in Australia?’

    Interesting to gauge individual company consultant numbers regardless of activity status, and based on what people accurately know about the size of the Organization they are with. The DSAA quote there are close 700,000 involved in our industry here in Australia. Isn’t it a fabulous profession to be a part of!

    Whilst we are chatting on this topic, I’d like to share these thoughts.

    If you get caught up in the belief of ‘saturation’, just think about big brands like Colgate and Kleenex – their reach is to be inside every household. You need large numbers of passionate Advocates to do that! Let’s say there is around 
    10 million hou
    seholds in Australia, how many of those can you personally service as customers each week/month/year? 

    Most reps who are actively building have 300 
    Good repeat customers – how many do you have, how many are you culturing in through care? 

    So based on this number – that means your Organization needs around 35,000 working consultants at least! 

    How many of those will you like to introduce to your opportunity and develop them into leaders with yourself?
    How small or big are you seeing your business and your organization?

    If we all took a big big bucket to the seaside, we all could fill our buckets with water, to overflowing. There is ‘enough’. Too often I read and see desperation and pleas from consultants begging for customers – who is attracted to that? 

    Would you expect to see that behaviour from a business that offers a quality product? 

    No, it reduces people’s impression of the brand. 

    Therefore that lazy style of marketing impacts not only your prosperity and success, but the reach growth of your brand and the image and perception of our profession

    BE Willing!

    Have fun – keep us posted how it works for you, Sharyn xx

    Sharyn Swan - Connecting the Dots for Direct Sales Women #youvegotthis

  • 24 Jun 2015 7:01 PM | Anonymous

    “How many people think about quitting their Direct Sales business and Why” – (Liz N)

    Hi Liz

    Often people come to this profession thinking and asking about the ways to get fired. 

    Meaning they ask all of the minimal questions and look for a way out before they begin. On the other hand, if you were going for an interview for an employee position you would ask all the questions centred around the future, how to get promoted, bonuses, rewards and approach with appreciation and a commitment of 12months to learn the ropes and move ahead.

    Those who take the 2nd approach into our profession love to stay!

    Where is it that you can do a stocktake of your business right now and if treat like you were just beginning

    • What would you ask?
    • What would you start doing?
    • What would you stop doing?
    • Appreciation, Appreciates – what can you see in your life you are happy for?
    • How could you be your best employee?

    Connect your dots through Questions, they are your best guide.

    BE Willing! Have fun – keep us posted how it works for you, Sharyn

    Sharyn Swan - Connecting the Dots for Direct Sales Women #youvegotthis

  • 24 Jun 2015 6:59 PM | Anonymous

    ‘Honestly, how many people quit their day job to do their direct sales full time and is making more or less than their full time day job?’  – (Tamera S)

    Hi Tamera, 

    Yes great question as it takes the bold step of faith and likely crazy to say no thanks to the existing job, and then take the leap from your full-time employment to 100% in your own business. My experience was I juggled building the business and adding in the hours on top of the full-time work and of course home roles. 

    Then as I could see the growth and financial results I let go of more hours of the job. Then one day I had to close that trap door and say  “I know how to do this!”  “I know I enjoy it, I know I create great results for others, I have to back me.” That was 11 years ago now. Yes in moments there are times I’ve created in my mind that the grass is probably greener staying, but who am I kidding! 

    The incredible story that I wrote for my own development, living with the daily design of my days, being more present in activities for my family and investing the learning to become better and more prosperous have been incredibly rewarding. Any profession needs to be approached that a 2-3 year apprenticeship has to be completed to master your craft and that is where people won’t go the distance. They have ‘microwave mentality’ if its not showing up instantly, then they walk away. 

    Wish you every joy as you make choices that you desire for your life. 

    BE Willing! Have fun – keep us posted how it works for you, Sharyn xx

    Sharyn Swan - Connecting the Dots for Direct Sales Women #youvegotthis

  • 24 Jun 2015 6:57 PM | Anonymous

    I recently had two very different experiences in dealing with two separate consultants and their brands

    The First story, one purchase was made after inter-acting with the consultant at an event. The consultant is very enthusiastic and passionate about her product and loves sharing this with other to experience. I decided that I would try the product and verbally said so to her. At that time she replied with instructions for me to visit her website and purchase from there. A few days later I remembered to do so, and wandered onto the site, not familiar with the brand or the range I wasnt entirely sure what to look for or that it was a time effectively easy task for my first visit. Success though was found 30 minutes on and I finalised my single purchase. A receipt was emailed and that was that. A few weeks on, I had wondered about the product and only then was I aware there was a signifcant delay to receiving my item. The item arrived and I have enjoyed using it, the presentation in the delivery was good and the consultant sent an email to say she noticed it had arrived.

    The second story, I caught up with a consultant via Facebook and said that I needed to replenish a particular product that I love. What happened next was her response and choice for me. She said ‘I would love to take care of that for you”Can I let you know of two choices you have.’ Then she waited for me to reply – I said Yes.  ‘We now offer an online shopping service which is great for people who are really familiar with our brand and want to jump on to pickup their essentials and have a quick browse, especially good if you like online shopping carts.  ‘The other, is that I can do this for you, what would be most convenient for you?”

    I took her second option! Why?

    Because to me it was encouraging for me to FEEL the service, to feel valuable to her, that I mattered to her and her business, that she wanted to ensure that I had what I needed, and as promptly as possible.

    For her, it means that I still see myself buying from her, to access one of my favorite products. She is the brand to me because of her CARE factor than the company. That business will return where it FEELS most appreciated.

    The followup from her went like this also, she confirmed the order via personalised email, and said when to expect the goods. She then called me a few days after that to checkin that all was in order and I had what I needed and was there anything else she could assist me with!  How Fabulous, this is how you develop JEWELS.

    It’s too easy for people to say ‘oh just jump onto my online store‘ and have an attitude it is passive income. If you are not distinguishing you to offer any advantage than just buying directly from the distributorship then it is going to be very easy for me to forget you and the relationship that was once and been eroded as there havent been the moments supported in care and love to feed my value with you.

    I walked into Rebel Sports to purchase Footy boots for my son. They didnt have the size of the ones in stock, what did the attendant do? She said ‘Go online when you get home and see if we have them there’ What if she had founda  pc in the store, gone online, done the search and said – here they are, and I could have completed the payment then and there whilst in store. Instead do you know what happened? I did go online, and by accident found another site selling those products and purchased them with that supplier!


    1. How can you apply this lesson?

    2. Where are your moments of truth with your customers throughout the process?

    3. Do you want to just direct traffic or be a relationship caretaker?

    4. Go back to your records and see those who have made an online order recently and what you can do personally now to checkin that they are meeting her needs


    BE Willing! Have fun – keep us posted how it works for you, Sharyn xx

    Sharyn Swan - Connecting the Dots for Direct Sales Women #youvegotthis

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