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Savvy Wristbands.. Encouraging you Every Day

Our desire is to encourage more positive self speak, and that belief to impact into the lives of the people we love.

'Band Together' with us and get your wristbands!  

See your relationship with yourself as reflected in this band, that it is a circle, how you love and lift to you, will be how you lead the way for your kids, partners, parents, family, friends, colleagues. Become more mindful and on purpose in your words and actions.

1. Get yourself one and wear it everyday and know when you read it that we are with you - and believe in your potential to make great things happen

2. Get your kids and partners wearing them, let them know you are with them daily in their striving to live their best life.

3. Get packs and gift them to your teams so they take the message to their families

4. Carry extras with you and 'Pay it Forward' to encourage people you meet in your local community

Designed with this in mind;

>Pink to blue to encourage mums to sons relationships and vice versa

>Blue to pink to grow conversations from dads to daughters and back

>Your legacy is in the hands of your children and the stories they will share on

>#youvegotthis  hashtag to be the constant support as you take courage in living and loving your life intentionally

> Our goal is for 2017 people to be wearing one this year!

Buy a 'Band Together' Wristband Pack:

How many?
  • Tri Colour blend, Pink, Blue, Purple
  • Embossed with words 'Love, Lift, Lead the Way' and #youvegotthis


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