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Stephanie McGuffog

Entrepreneurial Fun Optimistic


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Entrepreneurial Fun Optimistic
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Hi there, I am so excited to be a member of this community. As a busy Mum of two teenaged girls, I am passionate about how our industry can help women to follow their dreams.
My vision is to help other women become financially free and the best version of themselves.
My products
My products can help you to live a healthier life - they are the cleanest health and wellness products on the market; without any harmful toxins.

I can help you with solutions for purified water; weight loss; nutrition and toxic-free skin and bodycare.

My product of the month is the Puritii Water filtration system. A portable, refillable water bottle that uses a proven, proprietary two-part filtration process to filter out biological, chemical & emerging contaminants. The perfect on-the-go urban companion.

This portable water bottle with it's own filtration system removes up to 99.99% of bacteria and toxins. Perfect for women who want to be assured of the quality of water they are drinking, at home, at the gym, travelling... wherever.

In the past 5 months we’ve stopped 6 million plastic water bottles going into landfill.

Join as a preferred customer to secure your 15% of Retail, bringing the price down to USD$97.13 (if you would like a further 15% discount, please contact me and refer to SAVVY, and I will organise your order)

Order your water bottle before Saturday 30 September and send a screen shot of your order to go into the draw to win another bottle FREE! All screenshots to be sent to me by Saturday 30 September.
My special offer for you today
As a Savvy Circles member I can offer you 15% off your first order. Contact me to get an additional 15% off!
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20 Feb 2017

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