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Sarah Tovey

Inspiring, professional and enthusiastic


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Inspiring, professional and enthusiastic
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Thank you for stopping by and visiting my profile. I am a single of Mum of three cheeky kids, a daughter and twin boys. I love connecting with other like-minded people and sharing ideas.
With over 20 years experience in sales and marketing, I was so excited when I discovered my missing link in marketing. Having worked with many businesses, I noticed there was a lot of overwhelm with regards to the many marketing options available in today’s noisy digital world. Many businesses would get frustrated on where they should invest their time and money.

What if we went back to a more simplified approach?
What if there was a more meaningful way to build a relationship with a potential or existing customer?

This is where my missing link comes into play - make your clients and customers feel appreciated, celebrate their lives and say Thank you for their business.

The easiest way to do this, is with SendOutCards.
My products
SendOutCards is a Relationship Marketing tool. It is an online system and app that lets your send personalised greeting cards in the mail. With the click of a button, you can choose from thousands of designer cards or you can completely customise a card with photos, your personal font, signature and custom branding. When you press send, SendOutCards will print, stuff, stamp and mail the physical card for you.

The reasons I choose to recommend and share SendOutCards as my go to Relationship Marketing tool is because:

+ it has a 100% open rate
+ you can be remembered not deleted
+ it can be done via an app on my phone
+ I love sending cards
+ it allows me to express gratitude
+ I can easily stay in touch and follow-up with clients and team members
+ I can share a little kindness in this world
+ It makes me happy :)
My special offer for you today
Send two free cards on me - simply download the SendOutCards app and enter 168794. Follow the prompts, watch the demo video and send two cards to people you care about.
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02 Mar 2016
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Doncaster VIC
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