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Candice Glendening

Energised, Passionate, Ready!


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Energised, Passionate, Ready!
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Hi Lovely, I'm so happy you found me! :) I'm a local mum who loves the outdoors, helping others, preventative health, and running fast with purpose for results.
I'm reaching out to the global community to improve lives through WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY. There is nothing like this product in network marketing, and the Helo is the only device available in the world to offer this level of bio-parameter health monitoring.

I offer a device that increases control over our own wellness.

With the wearable tech industry to be worth $34bn in 2020 (right now, 2017, its worth $14bn), this IS the way of the future, without a doubt, and this is WHY:

- When TOSHIBA seeks out and partners with network marketing company Wor(l)d GN, you KNOW this is a serious piece of technology.

- When there is no other competition in the entire network marketing industry (AT ALL) against this product, you KNOW you are on to something exciting and worthwhile.

- When this device offers health monitoring like no other product out there, YOU BETTER BELIEVE this is huge.

- And when it's not long been in Australia and you're ready to ride the global market trend, you need to click on my link and get involved NOW.

Technology will happen, with or without you.
My products
The Helo provides a way to understand the status of our health, increasing our ability to be PROACTIVE.

Self care is the new health care.

Prevention is key!

By knowing the position of our vitals such as blood pressure, heart rate ECG, breath rate, sleep quality (even indicators such as hydration, blood sugar levels, blood alcohol levels - and so much more to come!), we can adjust our lifestyle factors accordingly AND work more effectively with our health professionals and caregivers.

Imagine a device that can do everything that every other brand can do...

PLUS the above mentioned bio-paramters...

PLUS alert loved ones of our location when our bio-parameters are extreme. We can also send out an emergency alert at the touch of a button to our chosen guardians whenever there is an emergency.

PLUS more to come in the future!
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18 Feb 2016
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