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Suzanne Barnes

Energetic, outgoing, enthusiastic


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Energetic, outgoing, enthusiastic
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Hi, I'm Suzanne, community-minded mum of two boys and lover of a good chat over coffee!
My journey with the company started about 6 years ago when I was looking for a solution to my 3 year old's eczema symptoms. We'd tried so many products but nothing worked consistently. The results we found with this range were such a relief and made a massive difference: I knew I'd be telling everyone anyway and so thought I might as well turn it into a business!

I am still totally in love with the product range and would shop even if there was no business attached. But I also love the lifestyle this business has afforded me. How many other mums out there are thinking they don't want to be forced back to work just for financial reasons? This is where my passion lies now: being able to help those people make a life, not just a living.
My products
Think of us as an online eco-supermarket, with over 400 products you are already shopping for, including home cleaning, laundry, bath & body, skincare and nutritional ranges. All of our products are concentrated and none of them contain any toxic chemicals. Great for allergy/ eczema/ asthma sufferers or indeed for anyone who wants a better, safer alternative to the big brands.
My special offer for you today
Contact me to receive a free sample of our intensive skin therapy lotion! Great for all skin types, but perfect for those with eczema or severely dry skin.
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21 Aug 2015
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Canberra (North) ACT
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