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Sharyn Swan

Inspirationalist, Focused, Expressive


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Inspirationalist, Focused, Expressive
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I love places that serve my soul, water is essential in that along with my hubbie Grant, son Cody and the puppies Slushie and Shiloh!
"I Love to Learn, Share solutions & a Laugh, and Connect People!"

Sharyn Swan is the master of customer appreciation, follow up, engagement and service. She embodies the ‘can-do action’ phrase and inspires all those around her to do the same. She is a master of the written and spoken word. You need to connect with her, she is the must know person for your small business success.

Sharyn Swan is a customer engagement and
self-leadership specialist; she is an author, educator, business consultant and leader. With over twenty years of working in small businesses and running her own business Sharyn is the leader in developing and executing customer appreciation strategies that get results.

Sharyn is well known for her vivacious, fun and practical approach to solving customer engagement and customer appreciation strategies. With a successful background in the travel and cosmetics industries Sharyn has an enormous range of skills and experience.

She has built award winning businesses and teams, taken businesses from opening to profit within 12 months, won numerous awards for leadership, sales results and business growth. Presented sales and customer workshops to audiences all over the world and developed, mentored and impacted over 600 women in their own business journeys.

Sharyn’s true gift lies in her instinctive ability to pin pinpoint exactly what a business owner needs, develop an easy action orientated strategy and implement it effortlessly. She is the master of ideas for customer appreciation and leads by example as evidenced by her avalanche of repeat customers.

Sharyn has worked in Travel, Cosmetics, Marketing, Finance with a vast range of businesses and personalities. Her vibrant, infectious and warm personality instantly adhere her to others. Throughout Sharyn’s career she has been driven by family orientated goals and rewarded by maintaining relationships

- Bio testimonial courtesy The Small Business Accelerator
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01 May 2012
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Warners Bay NSW
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