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 NSW:  13  Connect Circle Locations                                                                                                                                                          Penrith, Campbelltown, Rouse Hill,  Wollongong,  Wyong,  Warners Bay, Cameron Park, Maitland, Medowie, Newcastle, Wollondilly Picton, Taree, 

Sharyn Swan, Founder Savvy Circles Network®

Hosts Circles in: Wyong, Warners Bay NSW

Favourite Quote...

'Lighthouses don't go running around the island looking for boats to save.; they just stand there shining' -Anne Lamot

I'm involved in Savvy Circles Network because...
Where do I begin! I founded this Network, for two reasons to lift the profile and excellence of an Industry I love, and to locate bring together, support all those 'have a go' entrepreneurs who are driven by a passion for their product/service to have a greater sense of tribe and a place to feel connected to a bigger picture of their life, and legacy they are creating. Too often consultants and leaders get crushed by doubt about our Industry, with old stories from the outside customer repeating whispers and fear perception of what we are, its time we show them a new story together.

Inga Hickson

Hosts Circles in: Rouse Hill, Penrith, NSW

Favourite Quote...
"Thoughts have energy. Make sure your thoughts are powerful and positive'

I'm involved in Savvy Circles Network because...
"I find the Network to be a nurturing and supportive environment that is growing a positive culture within the Party Plan/Direct Sales Industry. The connection and collaboration, conversation amongst the  members is growing a strong community of support for each other"

Donna Hampton

Hosts Circles in: Cameron Park, Pokolbin, Maitland NSW

Favourite Quote... 

"You can't control what is going to happen, all you can control is your response."

I'm involved in Savvy Circles Network because... 

of the comradery, hanging with a tribe of people who understand and support one another regardless of competition. To learn new business skills, develop myself further and learn from other Sanry members. I am also here to create awareness of my brand.

Robyn James

Hosts Circles in: Wollongong NSW

Favourite Quote... 'I am not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it"

I'm involved in Savvy Circles Network because...     

 'I want to get to met people within the same field as myself to learn and develop my skills, while also contributing to others around me with my knowledge. I am a 'sharer' I want everyone to succeed and be  great at what they have chosen for their life journey'

Katrina Becker
Arbonne - RVP

Hosts Circles in: Medowie NSW

Favourite Quote...
"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous"
-Coco Chanel

I'm involved in Savvy Circles Network because... 

I love that we can get a group of women together from all walks   of life/companies and empower each other. Savvys has created such a wonderful uplifting community environment in our area.   It has been an absolute pleasure bringing this amazing   networking event to the Port Stephens area. It has shown others that we aren't in competition with each other rather that we are here to help and assist each other. Bringing the Party Plan/Direct Selling Industry to another level! I have learnt so much from our wonderful members and I am looking forward to meeting many more. Lots of fabulous friendships have been created.

Nicole Sargent


Hosts Circles in: Wollondilly Picton, NSW

Favourite Quote... Just do it!

I'm involved in Savvy Circles Network because...   

I'm passionate about network marketing and love to meet new people... especially like minded people!

Elizabeth Unger


Hosts Circles in: Taree NSW

Favourite Quote... "Live the life you love and love the life you live"

I'm involved in Savvy Circles Network because...                      

I believe we need inspiration and support when we have our own businesses from others who are doing the same thing. It is always helpful to see how others grow their networks and build successful businesses. Great to feel that you are not alone and to make new friends.

Tania McKone

Envision with Essential Oils

Hosts Circles in: Campbelltown, NSW

Favourite Quote... 

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible ~ Francis of Assisi

I'm involved in Savvy Circles Network because...            

I believe in our industry and the opportunities it provides us. The more we help each other the better we become.

Carly Grandidge

doTERRA Advocate

Hosts Circles in: Newcastle NSW

Favourite Quote...
"Every thought we think is creating our future' - Louise Hay

I'm involved in Savvy Circles Network because...

'I have experiences what these Connect Circles bring to your business. I would love to contribute to others in their business through the Savvy vehicle of Connection, Conversation, Collaboration, Community'

 ACT:  2  Connect Circle Locations: Canberra (North) and Canberra (South)

Suzanne Barnes

'Better Alternative'

Hosts Circles in: Canberra (Northside) ACT

Favourite Quote...
'Bloom where you are planted'

I'm involved in Savvy Circles Network because...

'I  love connecting people: finding out what other people are doing, what they need and how I might be able to help them reach their goals. I love to bring women together to do something positive and powerful for ourselves!"

Candice Glendening


  Hosts Circles in: Canberra (South) ACT

  Favourite Quote...
  'Do something today that your future self will thank you for'

I'm involved in Savvy Circles Network because...

'I  would like to bring fellow local network marketers together for a more integrated community and to encourage a positive atmosphere for learning, socialising and reaching out'

 VIC:  4 Connect Circle Locations: Doncaster, Bendigo, Echuca, Shepparton

Nicole Taylor


Hosts Circles in: Bendigo & Echuca VIC

Favourite Quote...
"For every 60 seconds you're going to be angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness"

I'm involved in Savvy Circles Network because... 

"I want to be able to bring together, and network others in our industry that are growing their business in our local area. I can assist others in their success"

  Fiona Lindsay

  4Life Research

  Hosts Circles in: Shepparton & Doncaster VIC 

Favourite Quote... Whether you think you can or you can't - either  way you're right.

I'm involved in Savvy Circles Network because...

"My mission is in bringing professionalism, ethics, honesty, credibility and integrity to the direct selling space. My purpose is to convert the high failure and transient rate of our industry, to operate in excellence at all times and constantly evaluate how I can best serve other Networkers.'

  S.A   Connect Circle Location:  WE ARE LOOKING FOR HOSTS!


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QLD 1 Connect Circle Location


Terri Cave

Forever - Ambassador

Hosts Circles in: Brisbane (Northside) & Logan QLD

Favourite Quote...'Life it happening for me, not to me'

I'm involved in Savvy Circles Network because...     

'I really enjoy networking and connecting people with great products. I believe in supporting small business owners in the Direct Sales Industry"

TAS: 1 Connect Circle Locations :  Hobart

Joanne Roles


Hosts Circles in: Hobart, TAS

Favourite Quote...  '
Treat your energy like a currency, watch what you spend it on' - Cameron Oates

I'm involved in Savvy Circles Network because...  

I have been involved with Party Plan & Direct Sales for over 28 years and it has become a part of my life. I am passionate about sharing the benefits of this business and lifestyle, sharing & learning with others.

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