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Terms and Conditions of this Website and Membership to the Savvy Circles Network® 

1. Becoming a Member of Savvy Circles Network

Includes creating a Professional Profile that will be used to promote you, your service and the organization you represent on our website, in our publications and our social media forums.

The Savvy Circles Network® exists to facilitate connection of party plan and direct selling professionals. We operate and determine our business direction under the values of Connection, Conversation, Collaboration and Community. We operate from a head office in Newcastle New South Wales Australia and offer our membership products and services to a global market place.

We are governed by the laws and fair trading practices of New South Wales, Australia where our head office is located. We own IP and Copyright over our published information and the Savvy Circles Network, and its products and concept are protected under Registered Trademark. To such we state the following as terms of use for our membership resources, information, facilities, social media forums, publications and websites.

2. Membership

Membership is open to individuals that are in the profession of Direct Selling and Party Plan.

Savvy Circles Network® reserves the right to reject any new membership where we believe the service or product provided is in conflict with our mission, values, or guidelines. This also includes supply of a product or service outside of the direct sales/party plan profession.
Business Support Members are especially subject to the above as this Network is firstly to be of value to the Direct Sales/Party Plan professionals. The category of Business Support will be capped on types and number of services available. If your membership is not approved by the Savvy Circles Network® head Office  you will be fully refunded your pending payment.

At this point of time, memberships in the categories of, business mentoring, coaching are currently closed as we see this to be in conflict, as we offer education on this sort to our members and subscribers, and we wish to be transparent in our position and not mislead to take on members in this field.

Membership is available at varying levels (offering varying benefits) for a renewable annual subscription fee (this fee is subject to change at the discretion of Savvy Circles Network® head office).

If you are registered with your Career Company as a partnership, you may show in your profile the two names, however if there are any membership items where it is only one item per membership this will not be extended to cover dual persons.

Members join the Savvy Circles Network®. Your membership is not to a nominated Connect Circle, we don’t collect attendance fees for a Connect Circle. This allows you to visit any Connect Circle location you wish to attend. It also shares, that should be require to move or close Connect Circle locations that this is also possible under the membership. No location is guaranteed as an offered Connect Circle. This is dependant on the ability, and availability of the Local Area Host, who registered and trained to take on the role.

3. Membership fees

Membership fees once paid, are non-refundable. Current levels are;

  • Annual Membership (base level) $99AUD
  • Silver Membership (intermediate level) $149AUD
  • Pay by the Quarter on a standard membership $33AUD

Membership is renewable on an annual/quarter basis as determined from your initial joining date and will occur on that date in the following term (annual/quarter ). In the event that your membership is in the status of ‘un-financial’ your membership will be suspended until the membership fee is paid in full. Once you have created and paid your annual membership, there is no refund. It is at each members discretion to utilise the many benefits on offer of the membership packages provided at the time of your registration.

4. Membership Conduct

We have an expectation that our members will represent themselves and the organisation for which they are a representative of to conduct themselves in a professional business manner at all times. This includes and is not limited to;

Respectful communication.

Our members respect and honour the fact that the membership base is comprised of many different organisations being represented and will not defame, gossip or promote that one organisation or individual is ‘better than’ another.

Our members do not use profanities in their membership profiles, at our meetings, events and in any of our social media forums. Any breech of this will not be tolerated by Savvy Circles Network® head office and your membership may be terminated without notice.

Appropriate dress

We adopt a smart casual/business attire dress code – no thongs, no tracksuits, no beach & exercise wear is accepted at any of our events and meetings.

Best Practices in our Network

This is not a sales and recruiting centre. We are about building relationships on Know, Like and Trust.

We reserve the right to terminate ANY member who is reported to be in breach of our Network mission, and consideration of the 4 C's and Best Practice guidelines as also shared in our Member Forums

Children at meetings

We do not allow children at our Connect Circle meetings, we are a business organisation and our members pay membership fees in exchange for what our business meetings can offer.  Respectfully, having children present is a distraction to both the mother/father and the others in the group.

Appropriate Use of business logos, imagery and information

As a consultant/representative – it is your responsibility to ensure you are within your authorisation to create your Profile, and you are not in breach with the company you represent.

It is the responsibility of the individual member to determine the appropriate use of any logos, imagery and information for the company in which they are a career consultant with. These terms and conditions clearly state the member is responsible to ensure that you have not breached any copyright laws and you have authority to use the images uploaded onto the Savvy Circles Network website, social media platforms and publications.

  • Please ensure your post including imagery meet basic courtesy, respect and clean language. Do not copy and paste another listing to make as your own. You are responsible to ensure Please ensure your information and offerings are kept current.
  • Any violations of our terms will not be approved for posting. If postings become edited advertisements which fall into a breach of our values, you will be asked to amend them to meet the standard or the profile will be deleted and no refund provided.
  • The Savvy Circles Network® imagery is not for use other than by our organization. Any information published on this site from our organization on education, concepts, for members cannot be reproduced or shared as part of your agreement.
  • Should Savvy Circles Network® receive communication from any party plan/ direct selling organization providing a broad spectrum ‘no profiles to be created’ we will remove those companies form the options list and post appropriate communication in our forums and membership communications.
  • If the Consultant/Representative’s organisation contacts us with request to remove a specific Profile from our Locate a Consultant register, we will provide instructions that this must be completed in writing from the owner of the profile – if this does not occur within 21days from advice, Then the Savvy Circles Network® Site will delete all Profiles and advertorial items related to this Profile immediately, there will be no refund of any unused time in the subscription.

5. Membership Details

Choosing to list your profile on this site may generate interest from both customers in your local area and nationally. Along with our encouragement to be ‘Customers Within’ that we support each other. We do not guarantee or offer representation of any sales, bookings, team members as a result of joining as a member, the decision to join as a member is your own to make and we advise to consider all of your options prior to doing so.

6. Membership Inclusions

These are listed in the information provided prior to Joining on this page. It is the member's responsibility to show up to events, and access Member education, offers, promotions as outlined in the Members Portal on our Website. We encourage you to take the time to familiarise yourself with ALL of these great tools and opportunities.

7. Membership Privacy

The Savvy Circles Network® will not sell your personal information to any other parties at any time. Savvy Circles Network® may choose from time to time to allow sponsor or partner advertisers to list offers within the forum section of the website. (Please note, in these circumstances Savvy Circles Network® Head Office would have conducted appropriate due diligence to ascertain the value of such an offer to the membership base)

The information you choose to display in your listing will be public in nature and you have voluntarily shared it by agreeing to these terms and conditions. You may change or update your privacy settings in the your membership account profile.

- END- 

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