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Sharyn Swan offers a practical range of  Ideas & Inspiration Sessions and Interactive Workshops for building business skills, Prosperity confidence and success into your sales force team.  We want to support you to grow your team and keep them engaged!


All of Sharyns speaking topics can be designed to suit the specific needs of your audience, below are a few samples of the topics that we typically provide for our customers.  Sharyn's expertise is across, vision crafting, 'lead-your-ship' appreciation, relationship building, customer services, sales, marketing, networking, business strategy and development, life blending, for a harmonious way to be (rather than work-life balance)

Being a Brand Ambassador

During this presentation Sharyn takes her audience on a journey of exploring the value of “Walking the Talk” with authenticity the organization that the consultant represents,  being authentic in their delivery of your offering,  from marketing materials, initial interaction, personal presentation, customer service, honouring the organization and building a brand with their own reputation while building their business.

Going On A Treasure Hunt, Find Your Jewels!

For most consultants once their immediate circle of family and friends expire they are faced with what can be a daunting task of discovering how to find new customers. In this insightful presentation Sharyn demonstrates how to find who are the most appropriate customers are that the consultants love to deal with and how can they can uses modern approaches, technologies and tools in order to reach them. At the end of this presentation your audience will have a clear picture of who their customers are and how to best attract them into their business.

How to Hula Hoop Your  Life

The thing that stands in the way of anyone achieving outstanding success in the direct sales industry is normally self-sabotage of lack of self-belief.  During the How to Hula Hoop Your  Life presentation Sharyn guides the audience through identifying the sabotages that steal dreams, assists them to identify the personal beliefs holding them back and offers a range of practical and tools and concepts for aligning them with the success that they desire.

 7 things you are saying that are sabotaging your business

Cracking your Money Code 

The Wish - a super exclusive!

  • What you need to know

    Sharyn brings a wealth of knowledge, resources and experience to her presentations and they are individually designed or adapted for your audience’s specific needs. Her materials are original, practical and well designed to meet learning outcomes.

    Fees range:

    Presentation to a Leader's team

    Presentation to a Regional Team, State Event 

    Presentation at a National level

    Sharyn’s fees range depending on your audience level, broad consultant group or impacting to advanced level with your Leaders that will have more specific needs. Any of Sharyn’s topics and materials can be adapted to keynote presentations, workshops, break out sessions or multiple day events.

    Not-For-Profits, Charity Events & Fundraisers

    Sharyn is a firm believer in supporting the community and donates to many many organisations, she will happily discuss reduced rates for charity groups and on occassion volunteer her services, please be mindful that Sharyn is running a business and her time is valuable.


  • Terms & Conditions

    To ensure you have a seemless experience in booking Sharyn for your event, please note the following terms and conditions.

    Deposits and Payments

    • In order to confirm your booking for an event we will require a 50% deposit at the time of booking, this will secure the date for you. We cannot guarantee or confirm a specific date without this deposit.
    • The remaining 50% balance is required in full 10 days prior to the event date.

    Travel & Accommodation

    • For local events (within 50km radius of Newcastle NSW) Sharyn will take care of her own travel, parking to be organised at the venue by the client. Any accommodation required will be organised by the client (minimum 4 star accommodation).
    • Where interstate travel, accommodation and ground transfers are required Sharyn will make her own arrangements, fees will be included at the time of quoting (economy class travel for air, minimum 4 star accommodation).
    • Where international travel, accommodation and ground transfers are required Sharyn will make her own arrangements, fees will be included at the time of quoting (business class travel for air, minimum 4 star accommodation).

    Intellectual Property & Copyright

    Australian copyright laws prevent recording of the presentation in any means including digital, audio, video recordings without the express written consent of Sharyn Swan. Any activities and notes utilised or developed by Sharyn Swan remain the intellectual property of Sharyn Swan and may only be used under the terms of the agreement between Sharyn Swan and the client. Any future use of intellectual property developed by Sharyn Swan needs to be specified in a separate agreement.

    Cancellation fees do apply to bookings, specifically

    a) In the event of cancellation within 14 days of the agreed date by the client 50% of the fee is non-refundable.

    b) In the event of cancellation by the client less than one week before the engagement date, 80% of the fee is non-refundable.

    c) In the event of cancellation by Sharyn Swan, all monies paid will be refunded to the client. Where possible and if the client so chooses, an alternative speaker/consultant may be provided in lieu of the refund.


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