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Becoming a Local Area Host, with Savvy Circles Network® -  Expression of Interest

Our Mission

Our mission at Savvy Circles Network® is to unite representatives of the Direct Sales/Party Plan Industry as a respected profession so that families in their local communities can benefit from. We believe that by promoting and offering a collaborative structure to assist you in working together with other consultants in a mutually beneficial network with genuine connection, conversation and collaboration then both your family and local community will benefit.

About Us

The Savvy Circles Network® was founded by Sharyn Swan in 2012. Sharyn has built award winning multi-million dollar businesses and teams, taken businesses from opening to profit within 12 months, won numerous awards for leadership, sales and business growth. She has presented sales and customer workshops to audiences all over the world and developed, mentored and impacted over 600 women in their own business journeys.

Sharyn’s true gift lies in her instinctive ability to pinpoint exactly what a business owner needs, develop an easy action orientated strategy and implement it effortlessly. She is the master of ideas for customer appreciation and leads by example as evidenced by her avalanche of repeat customers. With a vision of creating increase and better lifestyles for local communities and families Sharyn developed the Savvy Circles Network® to unite direct sellers and party planners. She has a firm belief that by consultants supporting one another, the profession of direct selling/party plan can bring abundance and harmony into Australian homes.

Once you have read through this document, and you are ready to take the next step and would like to start a group in your area, please contact Sharyn Swan to organise a time for a new host interview.  Ideal in the launch of a new state/region we find that a ‘pair’ ie two connect circle sites to be launched at the same time as a team works well.  The sites would need to be within 30-60mins of each other. Recruit a buddy who meets the required profile, to become a partner host with you. Each of you would pay the single host investment fee and receive independent benefits accordingly.

What makes us different?

Savvy Circles Network® is driven by the 4 key values of Connection, Conversation, Collaboration and Community.

Connection - introducing consultants from a range of companies to each other with the vision that when we rally together as a united group in the customers’ eyes we benefit from the strength and viability of all obtaining rewarding careers in this profession.

Conversation - getting to know people in our local area that can assist in building networks; introducing us to new customer bases; sharing ideas, best tips and encouragement on growing your business. Cheering on wins, rank advancements and the achievements of our fellow network members.

Collaboration - taking opportunities to refer business to members, hosting joint events, creating strategic alliances that help leverage awareness of our businesses. To become customers of each other, sharing an enthusiasm for profiling our network to others.

Community - invoking pride and excellence in our roles and profession; being united as a first choice shopping destination and building expertise and prosperity in the communities where we live, connect and support.

Our Connect Circle Meeting Format

Following our values from the 4 Keys of Connection, Conversation, Collaboration and Community our meetings are structured to facilitate these in each group. We select meeting venues where there is minimal or no cost to meet at, so we do not need to charge additional meeting fees to our members. All we do is ask that each attendee purchase a coffee or drink to their liking to support the café owner where the meeting is held (this reiterates our value of community).

A typical meeting goes for approx. 90mins  and follows the below structure:
  • Welcome, Agenda, Business exchanged reporting
  • Show n Share (members have the opportunity to introduce themselves and share their products/services)
  • Limelighter of the month (a featured member has the opportunity to display and a little more time to present their products/services to the group)
  • Discussion topic (a topic that is relevant to assisting attendees to build their business)
  • Announcements & upcoming events
Your role as a host

As the recognised leader of hosting a Connect Circles meeting you will be required to conduct a number of minimum requirements each month. These include;
  • To promote, share invitations coach the event using our Facebook tools and confirm 12-20 attendees at each event
  • Facilitate monthly Connect Circle meetings strictly as per our Agenda
  • Introduce a minimum 10 members to the network, and ongoing
  • Timely communication and actions for end of event reporting to Savvy HQ
  • Utilise the created materials provided in your Host Kit, which is supplied once your application is accepted, you have submitted both the completed Registration Form and your payment.
  • As a guideline we suggest that as a host you would be spending approximately 3 hours across the month in these tasks including the running of the actual meeting.
Who are our hosts?

First and foremost our hosts are passionate advocates of what the wonderful profession of direct selling/party plan can bring to local communities and families. Our hosts have a background in a leadership position, are an experienced facilitator or ready to take that important next step up in their career and see hosting one of our connect circles as an opportunity for development.

They have an understanding of social media and are confident using Facebook Events, and Groups or are willing to implement teachings from Savvy HQ and the Host Team.

Our hosts honour and respect our brand and vision and at all times display a pride in appearance, professional approach to business, maintain a high set of values, honesty, integrity and communication in both off and online environments. Importantly they are practical, can see the positives in all situations, create inclusive environments, have a team collaborative spirit, with a healthy sense of self and enjoy a good laugh.

They will already have an initial contact group to share the invitation into successful launch of their Circle. And follow responsibility for awareness and promotion.

Benefits of being a Savvy local area host

Besides the overall increase in your personal profile, it is important that our hosts benefit both financially and personally from being involved in Savvy Circles Network®.
  • Increase of your personal local business profile, and your leadership growth
  • Raised awareness and sense of contribution to your local area community and professionalism
  • Access to business education, development and learning via our Host Guide
  • Founder, Sharyn Swan works closely with each Host in progress of Orientation Sessions and mentoring forward.
  • Thank you Host Rewards for supporting the Network Growth
  • Featured prescence of hosts and their business in Savvy Network media
  • Opportunity to bring larger Featured Events from Savvy portfolio to your area.

Ready to take the next step?

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