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Will there be a guest speaker?

One of the success factors for our members since we commenced has been the access and use of expertise from within our membership.  We do not use guest speakers at our Connect Circles,  rather we provide members with the time to showcase what they have to offer, develop skills, confidence and build genuine connections.

Is there a cost to attend a Connect Circle?

Attendance at a Savvy Circles Network® Connect Circles is FREE for our members (as a courtesy we do ask that you just buy a cuppa from our host venue).

We welcome non-members to attend as a guest once to the local Connect Circle to see who we are, what we do and what our member direct sellers and party planners are doing in your local community.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, we adopt a smart casual/business attire dress code – no thongs, no tracksuits, no beach & exercise wear is accepted.

Our mission at Savvy Circles Network® is to raise excellence in our profession and attract greater interest from potential customers. Everything we deliver, as consultants and leaders’ reflects our standards.  Taking care with our dress code to go to parties, demos, unit meetings should be mandatory. We are always on show and advertising the brands that we represent and the Savvy Circles Network® within the community let’s ensure we impress them with good courtesies.

I'm a work from home mum can I bring my toddler/infant to a Connect Circle?

As this is a business meeting and our members pay membership fees in exchange for what our meetings can offer we do not allow children at our Connect Circles meetings, respectfully,  having children present is a distraction to both the mother/father and the others in the group. 

Become a Member: 

There is no Connect Circle in my local area, can I open a group?

Yes We welcome applications from suitable candidates (that share our values) to facilitate a Connect Circle in a new locality. You must be a member of Savvy Circles Network with current annual paid membership, or Become a Member to be eligible for a Savvy Hosting role. We have a process that we follow to open groups please express your interest by completing our Host Expression of Interest here. 

What does the Host Role entail?

Savvy Local Area Hosts have 3 areas of  their role:

1. Promoting Awareness, Coaching Events, Inviting local consultants along growing the Circle to 12-15 members from a range of product categories

2. Facilitating the Meeting each month, following our provided Agenda and content

3. Staying in touch with Savvy HQ for guidance and communication.

We see the role to be for those equipped people who are ready to groom themselves in leadership and bring further status to their business as a contributor to their community 

Host Kit, is provided to ensure that there is no meeting preparation required! It  includes a printed Host Guide so you just follow the process, folder, forms, guest passes, name badge this is a purchase requirement as part of your Registration Form to secure your local area.

Once your Expression of Interest form has been submitted, our HQ team will respond with an email and arrange a phone appointment chat with Founder, Sharyn Swan 

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