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How did Savvy Circles Network Begin?


 In 2006 Sharyn Swan was bewildered when she was asked the very simple question  ‘oh you must know all the local direct sales people’.

At that moment the seed was planted in Sharyn's mind,   why was it that party planners and direct sellers don’t have a place a network where they can come together as an industry and create business, be inspired and learn best practices for this profession?

After all it is available for so may other professions. At that moment she had a visual image of a room, where gathered representatives from an array of companies all chatting, sharing, and celebrating along with the thought ‘wouldn’t it be great’ and 'someone else is probably already onto it'.


It is that when a seed of a dream is placed inside of you and you catch a glimpse, if it’s in your destiny it will not let you escape.

How true that was for Sharyn!  5 years later she was ready to listen to its constant whispers, luring her away from her key Sales Director role in a global skincare & cosmetics business, to make this happen. She started to sketch
some thoughts on how it would come together, came up with the name on the spot, had a logo designed and invited some party plan friends through facebook to catch up for a cup of coffee and to connect.

The essence of us gathering and bringing people out of their homes out behind screens, getting confident to present their business it will increase their success in walking into their customers homes. At Connect Circles, we have 10-15 consultants, from a range of companies and categories gather around a table over a cup of coffee and each person guest or  member 'Shows and Shares' their business, we have a discussion topic of business each month to share ideas and inspiration, we want everyone to feel empowered  in their career and encourage their next steps and actions to keep going and keep growing!

 2011 - 2013

Sometimes you need an outsiders point of view so you can see the big picture

In 2012 Sharyn approached Australian Small Business and Networking expert Sue Henry with the results of what Savvy Circles Network beta testing in her initial group and connecting these consultants and leaders together
From these findings, they built a vision for the business, developed the brand, and looked for innovations that could be brought to the profession.

During this time, Sharyn and her team have delivered:

* BE Events, delivering 4 of these amazing programmes of inspiration and learning
* Savvy Circles Academy, heading into the fifth season of boutique teaching and mentoring on running a real business, marketing and attraction of clients, keeping yourself in business.
* Launch of Savvy Living Solutions, to act as a Brand Ambassador for our members and the profession direct to a consumer fan base. 
* Social Media channel expansion and awareness for members




With the ease of technology and rapid explosion of social media national and global expansion was only a matter of time.

So we arrived  in 2014, and we had established a website, a national reach of engaged fans on social media, loyal and enthusiastic members,  strong Connect Circles in our immediate local area where we have seen close to $200,000 in sales exchanged between members, with over 100 parties held!

Then we received the message we expected woud be another 2 years down the track 
"When are you bringing the Connect Circles to Melbourne, VIC?"

With a lot of strategy, vision and good advice we decided to bring our plans forward and respond to opening in areas before our original timeline. With that decision we welcomed our first two  interstate Connect Circles and first Savvy Host kicking off with initial circles in Victoria.

Since then we now have Connect Circles meeting in over 40 locations, across Australia. We have appointed a wonderful Team of Local Area Hosts from a range of experience and representation of companies.
Our membership has grown across many cities, towns and regions in Australia with consultants and leaders loving all the benefits in addition to the physical gathering that being a member of our Network offers
We started wrapped the year reaching the magnificent Million Dollar milestone

In 2016 we were delighted to be appointed as an Official Supplier Member to the Direct Selling Australia Assoc. 

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